How to Create a Cosy Atmosphere in Your Home

The winds are turning brisk, the leaves have succumbed to their final colours and hedgehogs are curled up in hibernation. Winter is all about transitioning into a state of renewal, and while the scene outside your window evolves into a wonderful, frosty landscape, the interior of your home could be in need of some seasonal changes too. 
In the spirit of this whimsical season, we have compiled a list of cool and cosy ideas to help you create a home that warms you from the inside out.  
Fresh front door 
Your entrance is the first part of your home to welcome your guests, so make sure you spend a little time decorating around your front door. Add some lighting, a ‘welcome’ sign or doormat, or some seasonal outdoor decorations to give your guests a warm invitation. If your front door is faded or peeling, it’s probably time for a touch-up. Consider changing things up a bit if you’ve had the same colour for a long time, choose a shade of paint you find most welcoming; whether it’s neutrals, blacks or a pop of colour. 
Rich-coloured cushions and blankets 

If you want the warm colours in your home to be as temporary and affluent as the weather, opt for cosy blankets and cushions which mimic the season’s rich colour palette, instead of painting any walls and regretting it come summer.  
Winter cleaning 
Consider this the new spring cleaning. When you turn on your heating, germs, bacteria, mould and mites can thrive. Freshen up your home with a deep clean before the temperature really drops, and you will thank yourself later. 
Enticing scents 

Tap into your senses with invigorating seasonal smells. The right scent can make you feel relaxed, calm and right at home. This season is well-known for hosting some of the most popular scents on the market; fall in love with ginger, apples, cinnamon, cranberry, pecan and many more. To evoke feelings of cosiness instead of a headache, choose candles that are made with natural wax and essential oils and avoid coloured candles that are often made with toxic pigments.  
Trust in rustic 
The unique blend of modern style mixed with rustic designs offers the perfect medium for those who want to embrace the stunning outdoors this season – without overdoing it. Add simple rustic textures to your sleek, modern backdrops to bring a touch of warmth to your rooms.  
A touch of the ’70s 

There’s something about the laidback styling, natural materials and earthy tones of 70’s interior designs that just scream cosy winter bliss. Take inspiration from the era’s electric mix of patterns and textures, such as animal prints, furry shag pile rugs, velvet furnishings and soft, curved edges.  
Create a coffee station 
Just like apples and spices, winter mornings and coffee are made for each other. Create a coffee station to give you that extra boost on those extra chilly, dark mornings. Mason jars are the perfect way to display all your favourite accompaniments – from cinnamon sticks to cocoa for sprinkling, you can achieve an effortlessly comfortable feel in your home.  
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