How do I know if my house is haunted?

Halloween is known for its eerie tales, creepy ghouls and mysterious occurrences. We have put together a collection of spooky stories, inexplicable sightings and things to look out for. Here is a tongue in cheek look at how you’ll know if your house is haunted. 
1. The History
Particularly if you live in an older property, there may lie some spooky stories behind the history of your home. Do some digging into previous owners and the origins of your town and you may find out more than you bargained for!

2.  There’s Something In The Air
You may be able to tell if a property has a positive or negative atmosphere just by being there, but if in doubt, why not ask a medium to attend the property and tap into the spirit world in the home? Sometimes the eeriness can rub off on the occupants and in some cases a property may have this impact for years.

3. Ask The Agent
Brian Carlisle from JR Hopper & Co says: “There are a number of houses in the Dales where viewers have commented about a bad feeling or not being comfortable in the house. In these instances, we move on as they will not buy. Having said that, if I have a house with history or stories of Ghoulies and ghosts then it’s better to make it a feature, rather than hide it and hope no one finds out. The brave and adventurous will love a good highwayman or jilted bride story.”

4. Is Anything Flying Through The Air?
Simon Miller, from Holroyd Miller says: “Unless you live in the notorious 30 East Drive, Pontefract, Yorkshire, which is classed as one of the most haunted homes in the UK, then weird happenings are probably no more than squeaky expanding and contracting floorboards or air in the central heating pipes. However, paranormal activity can take on many guises. Are you experiencing a fine chalk-like dust falling inside your home, green foam appearing from taps and the toilet, lights turning on and off, cupboards shaking, and objects levitating? Such activity was reported at 30 East Drive and they most definitely had a poltergeist. Many people report haunted happenings, from the unexplained hair-raising feelings, to objects that simply appear to have been misplaced. But in truth how can we ever really make sense and explain the unexplainable?”

5. Time For A Ghost Hunt
Debbie Fortune Estate Agents has some interesting top tips for all the ghost hunters out there. Study the history of your home and the region: “Allegedly, areas with a violent past can increase the risk of a haunting. You could try setting up a video camera in your home when you’re away to capture any unusual shadows on film.”
Don’t forget to rely on your senses and intuition; unusual images in the corner of your eyes, noises like footsteps and smells like sulphur can be more sinister than you think.

6. Animals… Or Not 
Often people report hearing unusual sounds, such as scratching and footsteps. Anything from rats to woodlice can make your mind wander with all sorts of ideas. Sometimes, it is the most simple of explanations. If these sounds continue, call an exterminator to have a look around, especially in attics and basements. If nothing is found, congratulations you have yourself a haunted house.

7. When In Doubt, Listen To The Dog
Dogs are known for their keen hearing and sense of smell. They can detect far more than humans, so are the perfect sidekick when ghostly occurrences happen in your home. If your canine is barking when no one is at the front door, whimpering at thin air or staring into blank spaces then your best friend on four legs might be trying to tell you something…

8. Got A Chill?
Does your home have cold spots for no apparent reason? Before jumping to any conclusions, give a call to your builder to take a look around. He may find cracks or areas which needs insulating. However, if your trusted builder cannot find a reason, then something creepier might be at large!

9. Misplacing Little Things?
Everyone misplaces their possessions from time to time, especially items like glasses and car keys. However, if this starts to happen a little too often then you might have a ghostly trickster playing around in your home. 

10. Lights Flickering
This is arguably the most noticeable sign of a haunted home. It is heavily featured in horror films and spooky stories. If you have checked your fuse box or even called an electrician then there is only one explanation for flickering lights…

Happy Halloween!
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