Blooming lovely: top spring gardens

Spring has arrived, and as flowers bloom, temperatures rise and nature returns, the focus is turning to gardens. In celebration of this invigorating season, we’ve scoured the country for homes with spectacular spring gardens, guaranteed to inspire. 1. West Charleton, Devon, 5 bedrooms This imposing period manor house is in excellent order and is set […]

What is a reverse mortgage?

If you have paid off most or all of your mortgage, being a homeowner affords you more choices when it comes to funding your retirement. An ageing population contending with rising retirement costs is driving growth in the market for equity release schemes. One such scheme, that allows you to release equity from your home […]

The benefits of building an annexe

If you’re considering adding an annexe to your home, you’re in growing company. An increasing number of homeowners are looking to their gardens to expand their living spaces in the form of a self-contained annexe.   If you’re considering building an annexe of your own, here are just some of the benefits.  Multi-generational living  Homeownership isn’t […]

Top trends for a bathroom makeover

If you’re looking to enhance the value of your home, a modernised kitchen or bathroom is the way to go. However, a full kitchen renovation isn’t always an affordable option, so you might want to focus on the small yet dynamic space of your bathroom. Here are some of the top current trends for a […]

Budget-friendly ways to upgrade your home in 2024

A full home refresh doesn’t always mean spending the whole nine yards. With a few thoughtful touches, you can transform your living space and elevate your everyday life. If you’re working with budget constraints, here are a few wallet-friendly ways to breathe new life into your home this year.  Textile transformation  Updating your soft furnishings […]

5 ways to improve your home

Renovating your home is a great way to keep things feeling fresh and stylish while also adding some extra value to your property. Here are five tips on how to improve your home, increase its market value, and entice potential buyers.    Modernise the kitchen and bathroom   Modernising your kitchen and bathroom can make you fall […]

How to maintain an old property

Owning an old property is both a privilege and a challenge. While you have the honour of preserving a piece of local history, you also have the hefty responsibility of keeping it safe from damage.   Neglecting the upkeep of an older home can lead to costly repairs and the gradual loss of its unique […]

Save energy: What uses the most electricity in my home?

Over summer, saving energy at home becomes relatively easy. But as the nights start to draw in and autumn’s chill takes its hold, you might find your energy bills soaring. Data from EnergySavingTrust reveals which appliances eat up the most energy in our homes, so you can target the areas that count this season and […]

Renting to students: all you need to know

Students are a popular demographic among landlords for numerous reasons; from high demand to longer rental periods, letting to students is a great way to secure your investment and attain high yields. However, it comes with its own set of considerations and challenges. Whether you’re a seasoned landlord or new to the rental market, here’s […]

Top 15 homes for sale near Britain’s best pubs

Whether it’s a peaceful pint or some gastro grub, what better way to celebrate than in a fabulous local pub? There’s nothing quite like having a place to unwind right at your doorstep, so we’ve scoured the country to find the homes that benefit from being just a stone’s throw away from one of the […]